Autumn Woods

I cherish the silence, hearing naught but the breeze
As golden sunlight filters down through the autumn leaves.
Peace fills my heart as I take in the comfort
Of my Mother who tells me to sleep tonight in Her Court.
She whispers words of welcome,
Of fond memories of my youth,  
And I find peace inside Her wisdom    
For I know Her words are truth.
She tells me life is of Her,
But that death is of Her, too.  
She says someday we'll be together,  
But today is much too soon.
I dream of the days long past  
When oft' I slept under the sun.  
These days are those I now grasp
As from my present I run.  
Run far from grief and sorrow,  
From the struggles of the heart,
To rise again upon the 'morrow
Given strength for a fresh start.
But for now I live with Mother  
As I did when I was young,
And I dream softly 'neath the flutter  
Of birds flitting from rung to rung.  
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