Autumn Rain By: LB Hues


We fall like Autumn Rain

by we, guess who I mean

Us little girls and boys of

The Sun-kissed pigment


Do you think I’m just complainin’?

For us outside it’s rainin’

Think we livin’ under Satan

But, that’s understatement

Before your attention’s taken

Let me finish this statement

Reality left me shakin’

Sometimes I can’t understand how to take it


We fall like Autumn Rain

Coldly and softly

We hit the pavement

And ring through the blocks

The labyrinths of minds

Leaving them achin’


We are heard

But our perishing pater

Is dismissed as a product of nature

Romantic in a way

Depressing in others

All the dark mothers and

All the dark brothers

Stay strong for me

You know I’m not wrong

Time is too long it seems

But all I’m gonna say

Is grab your umbrellas

And Progress through the fray.


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