Autumn: The Queen of Queens

Yellow, Orange, and Red

Autumn came and put summer to bed

And it brought so much joy to my head

Suddenly all my fears were dead


The autumn breeze kissed the summer heat goodbye

And summer left without asking why

And when I looked autumn in the eye

I was filled with a love I couldn't deny


Autumn is a poet's favorite season

For writing poems it gives you so much reason

And when the leaves suddenly turn crimson

You feel like you can do anything and win


For me, summer is hard to miss

When autumn comes and brings me so much bliss

I watch the rain fall and give the earth a kiss

And I love the autumn for exactly this


Summer is a princess... But autumn is a queen

And to be honest it's the most beautiful season I've seen

And I would rather have the leaves be red than green

Autumn takes me to places I've never been...


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