United States
33° 39' 52.2576" N, 112° 12' 9.486" W

1.1 million murdered
Families vanished like dust
No record
No reason
No justice
Dust in the wind

Jews, Gypsies, Gays
The women, the children, the old people
sent to the left
to vanish in the gas
Dust in the wind

“The world has gone mad”
seven gas chambers,
seven crematoria
Line 1 or Line 2?
Dust in the wind

“Too numb to even think of fear”
It becomes an obsession
Dust in the wind

Sharks in the water
Scanning for weakness, illness
Searching for easy prey
Waiting to strike
Screams in the wind

The games,
sharks circling around 1 victim,
biting, beating, they’re bleeding
They’re unconscious, still breathing
Screams in the wind

“Nobody escaped”
this Hell on Earth
The smell of death
constantly in the air
Silence in the wind


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