auntie was a thug

My auntie she was a thug
Oh yes she was
A true hero under god
She ain't been gone for that long
She lived her life by God
Yes she did
When I said I loved her I knew that she was gone
Oh wo she was like a strawberry wine yes she was
So sweet she loved us all so equally even those that didn't really like her she still loved em till the day she died she loved only one man lived with him till he died and five years later she followed right behind
Oh my auntie was a thug
Oh yes she was
A true hero under god
So I say it like this
Uncle Jim and mimi
They saved my life from heartache and pain
Tought me everything I know
Never gonna let there legacy fade away
Since they never failed me I ain't gonna fail them there legacy still lives on through me

This poem is about: 
My family


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