Aunt Florence

you are a little late coming

this time

I've been waiting for you to show

I've prepared your white bed

and planned the places we can't go

can you not squeeze me so tight?

I'm trying to make your visit go as

smoothly as possible.

I've missed your nutrition,

stuff me with only the things you want me to eat.

I'll take you riding but

don't ruin his seats

just stay in your white bed

walk out of my head

and help me make your visit go as

smoothly as possible.

keep your perfume to a minimum

it makes me nervous

and try not to make me crabby, Auntie, I don't want to get mad

I appreciate your visits

this time I'm glad

you'll be stuck here for 5 days

so enjoy your white bed Aunt Florence

and we'll make this week go as

smoothly as possible.


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