Audrey, The Wildfire

As I laid there with you,

My mind began to travel to the place where I once again felt safe.

I began to think of my life before you

And what life was going to be like with you.


This is where the sweet nothings of that night began.

I remember everything I said to that night.

Everything from how awesome you were to how I can't wait for winter break to be over to see you again.


Then the most poetic thing I've ever said came into existence.

You rolled over and said to me,


" You know you're playing with fire right?"


 " You act like I've never been burned before."


There was a beauty to what I said, because of the honesty behind it.

I've been burned many of times,

but I wish I would have known then that my permafrosted heart couldn't stand the roaring fire that is you. 

You burn hotter than anyone I've ever met.

You melted my frozen heart in 3 days with the beauty and elegance that is your smile.

The warmth of your body that night reminded me that people are still worth a shot.


I didn't want to sleep that night because in that moment you were perfect to me and I was perfect to you.

I didn't want to ruin that, because as much as you think I'm a great guy, I'm not.


I try my hardest to be everything my father wasn't,

but inevitably that still comes out in me.

I didn't want to lose you, that's why I left.

I should have told you all of this and so much more before you left.

I should have held you a little longer.

I should have kissed your perfect lips one last time,

but I was trying to not attach myself to something that wasn't permanent. 

You're a wildfire and I'm just a tree.


I saw you're flames and thought I could withstand the heat, but in truth,

I was already dead before they reached me. I only burned more easily.

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This is beautiful.

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