An Attack On Free Speech

Mischievous LGBT people made a malicious report on the poet’s anti-gay poem.

They labelled the truth about their ungodly practices as hate speech.

The administrator of a website bowed to pressure and unjustifiably deleted the poem.

Nobody would do this except a queer, a lesbian, a bisexual, or a transgender person.

The biggest haters are those who want to destroy the author’s good work.


An interesting fact is that one of the suggested themes on the website is LGBTQ,

Yet some fools regard it as hate speech when you write your views on the subject.

Having the theme LGBTQ means that people can speak for or against it.

If they want the authors to write poems only in favour of LGBT people,

That would be obvious prejudice on the part of the administrator of the website.


You can easily corrupt those who profit financially from running websites.

Assuming that these people had received proper home training,

They would readily sell their moral values for money and short-lived fame.

Some people have no principles and they do not stand up for righteousness.

Greedy entrepreneurs are only concerned about quickly making money.


The internet is very large and it has many social medias and platforms,

So nobody can stifle my writing or suppress the messages that I have for the world.

The poet has taken full advantage of the opportunity to publish his work.

Moreover, the author is not ashamed to say that he is an anti-gay person.

Everybody has the right to be anti-gay or anti-anything that he or she wants.


The invention of hate speech is just another way to attack free speech.

For example, when people do not like what you say about them,

They foolishly and unjustifiably regard your statement as hate speech.

Educated and intelligent people should not support this nonsense.

The poet expects people with wicked intent to attack his edifying poetry.


LGBT people want to prevent others from speaking against their improper lifestyles,

But that will never happen, as long as straight people with decency exist.

The author is prepared to take on the world if it is necessary to do so.

Anybody who wants to challenge the poet’s opinions on these issues he is ready.

That will not be difficult for him because the world has many stupid people.

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