The Atlas of Anxiety


Pay no attention to the girl behind the curtain
Cuz boy I am certain
You'll have a little more interest in the one who's out flirtin'
That twitch of her hips, you want her so bad it's hurtin'

But I'll let you in on a secret yo
Gotta promise to keep it tho
I know what's under that mask man
And you won't believe it yo

She a complicated girl with a lot going for her
But her self-esteem is so low
Man it's south of the border
And she got chaos in her brain she just can't get in order

So she erects a wall
Precarious gonna fall
It's why her shoulders are hunched
When she walks down the hall
Can't stand tall

When the worries won't let her go
Anxiety grows and grows
Yet her mouth stays closed
Refuses to share her loads

Despite how her family begs
And the shakes in her legs

She trudges on
Tryin' reach a new dawn
Where she a queen not a pawn
And she's finally won

But for now let her have it
The act that she clings to
Cuz you know it ain't true
And one day she'll thank you

For you shoulder wet with tears
And the openness of your ears
Listenin' to hopes and fears
That she's held onto for years

But once again I remind you
She tryin' to hide, dude
So don't tell what I told you
Ignore the curtain and stay true
To the lies that she tells you
Until the day that she breaks through

A queen when the day's new


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