Athena and the heartbreak prince

Athena was young

Searching for a love 

But blinded by the sun


Two dark narrows path

As the shadows fill the room 

With thresholds and cupids arrows 

There she was


As the kids travel class to class 

The pass the halls asking for wisdom

They ask her for help

But the answer was always right

 And for most people

It helps them 


They all wonder where this all came from

The courage

The wisdom

The smarts

The intelligence

Where did it all come from?


She was someone 


At a time 

In a place

Yet in her life now

She is lost

She is broken

She is athena


The darkness fades 

Covering all spectrums of her sky

Then the heartbreak prince arrived


The wholesome he was

He was her

She was him

All that knew

Only had to ask


All that didn’t know

Didn’t ask

Who were they they called


She was drawn to him

She wrote about him

And thus began him

The creation of him


In the dusty filled papers

In the halls 

In her mind

She had lost her mind



That's her name


The heartbreak prince

That's her creation

No one knew


So the days passed

Athena sorrowing 

Not knowing what was next


The people in the halls still asked

For the wisdom

For the courage

And so they got it

Being trapped in the school ways was getting to the edge


But yet something happened on that chill day

The wind was high

The air was filled with smoke


There he was

Walking passed the fairyfelled people

Passed the ones who were so courageous 

Who had all the wisdom

And went to her


The heartbreak prince 

Walked over to her

Grabbed her hand

And said

Welcome to the stars Athena 


And so it is

They way she worked

Passing her gifts

The karma came and took her away

To a happier place



That is her

But what's next you ask

Ask them


Athena and the heartbreake prince


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Thank you for reading. I hope you feel inspriried and hopeful that if you are kind, you too will find your own heartbreak prince.

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