I am alone,


they do not like what I become


you hold my hand 

and you tell me you love me,

Atelophobia is the fear that I will disappoint you.


My love, 

All of my heart belongs to you,

because regardless of my mistakes, 

all your love is directed towards me,

my greatest hero, 

my number one fan,

the greatest love I will ever experience,

all the tears I have ever shed for you are forgotten when I remember what you have done for me

all the tears you have shed for me are engraved in my heart.



you are my greatest mentor,

taught me how to walk, talk, love and live




the fear of disappointing you is my greatest fear, no heights and no spiders can compare

the fear of you love vanishing regardless of all my efforts, is nonexistant



your love is more protecting than a blanket around my ankles so the monsters won't drag me at night,

you are more radiant than night lights and the rays moon through my window,

you are sweeter than conchas with coffee on a Sunday morning, 


I love you 

This poem is about: 
My family


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