My skin isn’t so pretty up close,

   But you should see my heart.


Awake from insecure dreams and,

  Combing my emotional closet for,


The sexiest personality, I can stretch,

Onto my utterly huge tender human heart.


No! Today I am me, and my chest peaks with,

Genuineness, the need to contact you, and,


The only way, is to be truly totally me,

Beneath these petty thoughts anyways, I feel so pretty.


Where are these models of gorgeousness and grace,

Only seen them digitally, never a breathing face.


Yet, we obsess with a plastic image,

Disposing of our true heritage, of


Realness and sweetness so unique,

You can light a grey room with luminous mystique.


One true friend, seeing my insecure heart, neurotic mind,

Way Beyond a thousand people friends to my costume. Costume.


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