Asian Immigrant Parents


It’s frustrating,

immigrant parents,

come to America,

to give you a “better opportunity”,

yet become obsessed,

with anything less,

 than perfection or success.


Get a bad grade,

don’t finish your degree,

marriage on the rocks,

finances on the brink of bankruptcy?,

Can’t go to them for support,

don’t know anything but shame and scorn,

verbal thorns,

in place of praise or roses,

nothing but, “Why you stupid?”,

“You no good!”,

as if these words,

are to make me feel I’m understood.


It doesn’t stop with the insults with an accent,

Like sushi drenched in soy sauce,

pour it thick,

Asian parents love their comparisons,

“You fat!”

“She smart!”,

“Why you not like him?!”,


The belittling,

takes a toll,

you question your confidence,

your worth,

your sense of security,

all because of their need

to uphold cultural dignity?


I’m tired of hearing,

“We made these sacrifices for you”,

because you know what,

I’ve sacrificed too,

in grade school,

became your interpreter,

worked under-age,

it’s against the law,

but no one’s gonna bust,

an Asian kid working for mom and pa,


I’m an adult now,

with my own hopes and dreams,

they’re different from yours,

won’t change despite your loud screams.


Wish you’d let your dreams die,

so I can live mine,

does it matter,

 my girlfriend’s not of the same kind?

Does she have to be the same race,

for you to accept me?,


This is America,

land of the brave,

land of the free.

I know my rights,

the right to disagree.


In the end,

I feel shame,

so I’ll still apologize,

and say, “So sorry!” (Chinese accent)






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