Ashes, Ashes, We All Stand Up

Let’s pour paint in puddles and splash around until we’re rainbows.

Let’s paint bowls of fruit with our fingers.

Let’s eat the fruit leaving the painting in it’s place.

Let’s enter bathroom stalls and close the doors behind us,

Take the doors off the stalls, take the clothes off our bodies,

Become Adam and Eve before they removed the fruit from the tree,

Whose roots are puppet strings manipulated by the devil.


Let’s rake the earth and plant green leaf producing seeds in it’s soil,

Endless strings intertwining at the earth’s core.

Let’s lite our matches and set fire to our burdens,

inhale the smoke dancing off the flames,

breathing in the lust and the lies and the sins,

breathing out the love and the hope and the virtue,

as if giving birth to new life.

Let our CO2 redesign the earth’s atmosphere.


From the ashes we’ll rise, all one color, all black as coal, all equal

All of us, nothing, and everything,

Together, we will sweep, and smile, and build the earth back up again.


If Hell is fire, then ash, the end of fire, must be heaven,

and thus, we are only ash, only equal, only love and peace.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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