Ashen Wings of Rebellion

The cold night comes again with its horrible embrace

And it with comes an unusal sound

Of whistling spirits howling in pain

It is a dreadful night that we all wish to endure,

For there is nothing but pain

That is to say,

For those who are not me

In truth, the night is my ally;

It hides my face

I am a wounded soldier,

Trembling on a single leg

And yet, time passes like it favors my sorrow

To that I say: "screw your normalcy"

Under the guidance of the dreadful mistress,

I speak to the only one who will listen,

The me that loves my soul

The speech of the night restarts my brain

The corpse of my effort rises once again

I have a goal in mind with a plan to see it through,

Backed by the faith I have in myself under the ethereal moon

I thank thee, moon, for sending off the sun

I shall speak to myself once more;

My thoughts flow along

If you are alone, know that is not true

Above all else, there is the moon and you


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