Artistically Optimistic

Thu, 02/13/2014 - 17:21 -- Catie13

If I could draw the world the way I would, I would draw a smile on every child. I would paint the world a better place; I’d paint with colored happiness, erase every raincloud in the sky, leave only sunshine and warmth behind.  But there shall be snow when winter comes, for a winter to be enjoyed by everyone.  Paper snowflakes would drift through the air and have a snowman fashion show, top hat and scarf so full of flair.  I’d create an owner for every dog, erase the word “kill” and replace it with “love.” I would doodle a roof over every homeless man’s head, and then continue and draw a thousand tidy house and a thousand warm beds. I would white out the words of discrimination and hate, no need to debate and be so irate, because wouldn’t it be better if we just communicate? Though many colors fill the world, my world won’t mind; in my world color doesn’t matter, they are all color-blind. Red and blue have a right to love too, because when you mix them together they make something new, a little purple child, so innocent and cute. But that isn’t all the colors my friend, oh no, because the biggest and best of all is by far the rainbow! Not only does it show us that we can love who we love no matter what gender or sex, it show us you don’t have to be just one color to be better or perfect, every color has a place in the rainbow, all colors have place and are better than just one. We all have a place in this rainbow, you and I, there is a enough room for all of us in that water color sky. Are you starting to get what I’m trying to imply? The word is an open canvas, so make it your own, create and paint, no matter what anyone says -- let the paints splatter for all that you care, or make it fine and stay in the lines, it’s all up to you because you’re the painter!  You’re a natural Picasso, just find your muse, every life could be a masterpiece, if your patient and are wise with your time, this poem is my art, and it is special because it is mine, but now it’s your turn, go out there and shine!


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