The Artist In Me

It all started in kindergarten

Where nothing really made sense

Each new day was exciting

And full of suspense

I grabbed a green paintbrush

Clutched in my little hand

And I walked to the stool

Which is where I would stand

I pondered my options

Gazing at the four colors

And I did what any kid

Eventually discovers

By mixing different paints

I created something new

And I became estonished

By the picture that I drew

From this moment on

I wanted to create

I desired to make artwork

That allowed others to relate

I can express my feelings

On a single piece of paper

And once my picture is complete

I am proud of my labor

If someone had asked me

What I wanted to be

I would not have realized

The answer is clear to see

I am a creator

I am an artist at heart

And I have always been

An artist from the start






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