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Wed, 07/30/2014 - 18:35 -- erynnj

I am an artist.

I do not draw

I cannot paint.

Creativity, this brush of mine

Has no media yet to use

To dip into.

But still I am an artist.

When courage fails the heart prevails

Creativity seeping from cowardly pores

Overwrought synapses trying

Trying to hard

To find out what to paint

How to paint

Which paint to use.

I should follow that heart and

That brush and not hide

Behind uncertainty and excuses!

I don’t know what to do

With my talents, with my brush.

So what if I rally behind

Passion rather than paralysis?

Let the brush take over and

Stroke its canvas forcefully?

What if I find

In the unknown

Curiosity rather than fear?

Then is the test

When the music stops

When the utensil has been used

When my brush stills

Will the words yet ring true

Will the emotions hold solid

Against the tugging of the world

This way and that

For those who do not wish to understand

Who hold their own against the profound

And stretch the meaning to fit themselves

Will the faithful and observant listener

The one who desperately wants

To believe you

Will she find the artist had

The bravery to shine through

And boldly whisper

What the world wants not to hear?

When the unpopular has been spoken

That which is guaranteed to be


What is it that the artist has crafted this

That beauty has taken on a discarded


Has the artist truly been bold and


And paradoxically correct?

Is she noble or simply passionate?

To be misled in a tempest of emotions,

To show truth in a new light

That is not true at all….

This is not a fear.

This is The Fear.

Artists shiver and

Rightfully so

Because art is not for changing truths

Art is for changing how we look at truths

To get to a deeper truth

And to understand completely.

But we never will fully comprehend

Every truth to be known.

I am an artist and

When I discover my inspiration

The media which I should use

I will run with it

Knowing that truth will rule

The Day

Not mere mortals, not the passionate artist.

We will just be, and that

Will reveal truth enough for all.



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