The Art of Respect

The Art of Respect


“Don’t worry,

I love you.”

He reached down for more.




And free.


I’d been a flower,



Taking it upon yourself,

You stripped me

Of my petals.

A young flower,

Led to believe


This must be love.


“I love you,”

I’d been told,



And so,

As I grew more petals,

They’d been taken the same way.

They would hit me with the same words,

“I love you”, they’d say.


This must be love.


Until one day,

A boy was so kind to ask,

“May I please hold your hand?”



I’d been taken aback.



I gave the kind boy my hand,

And later,

My heart too.


Curious one day,

I asked him,

“Why did you?”


He told me,

“You see,

You are a flower,



And free.


Your petals,

They’re delicate,

And most important to me.


Because I love you,

I cherish your soul,

And beaming heart.”


So it hit me,then,

What set him apart.

Respect had shown through,


What an exquisite work of art.


This, is love.




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