The Art of Racing in the Rain/ Change Your Chains Epilogue



Alone the rain is not your friend

It soaks your coat and taps your head

Your feet grow cold and you fill with dread

The long walk grows longer soaking wet


But today you are not alone

Another’s smile lies beneath makeup smears

As the sky lets go a million tears

Now you are racing in the rain


The rain now no longer stings

As a sable palm spreads its wings

To shelter two untroubled things

Racing in the rain


Eventually this storm will end

And again you will be just a friend

But for now that thought brings you no pain

The art of racing in the rain


You may think of all you wish to change

Fill your head with better ways

To live the past over again


You may think of all you wish to change

If all you now know was known then

Make edits on the script of your life


Maybe the rain would not hurt, nor hide, your pain

For surely you would have found your Lois Lane

As surely as regrets will become your chain

Leading you twice to mistakes again


You may think of all you wish to change

Every detail neatly arranged

Yet regret not, for your life unchained

Is greater through fate than manually changed


So love the sunshine, love the rain

Love who you are and where you've been

And where you shall go in chance's reign

This, is the art of racing in the rain.




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