The Art of Overthinking

What is overthinking? 

Is it thinking what your life will amount to if you don't get into your dream college?


Is it thinking of how you'll handle someone's hands all over your body when you could barely handle the surgeon's?

Or how you'll even get to that point with the scars littered all over your thighs?


The scars that society's whip lashed onto your skin is the reason they will despise you.


They will despise that you come out of their abuse everytime they yell in your ears lies that you once began to believe, that you continue to walk the earth with them pridefully. They will hate that you avoid erasing them by ending it all like you once wanted to.


They will hate the beautiful smile that still spreads across your face when they try to lash at you once more.


Are you still overthinking the boy's gaze when you look away or are you overthinking that assignment you missed last week? Are you still overthinking?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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