The Art Of My Pains

The Art of My Pains


The art of my pains 

is in the blood stain ink of me

while I write day and night 

to give insight of me that bleeds

while the world reads,


this is my own battle cry's 

that are left in my mind 

I see all the dead souls around me

while I dream darken pains

of those days of rain

that hasn't gone away,


I was born in a painful storm

the memories stayed with me 

oh, how the pains had cut me deep 

the words that hurt made bigger storms 

I hold my breath like I was dead

thinking it would all end,


I now realize as I got older 

you cannot fix anyone 

that don't want the help 

so why in the hell did this life paint me

and put me down into a devastated storm 

the past has away to paint my life gray 

this is the art of me that bleeds.


Poetic Judy Emery © 1985


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