The ART of my Existence

I consider myself to be an artist in every facet of my existence

My art is my everthing; not confined, it's unbound, not grounded but profound

It evokes good vibrations or electricity that resonates with others and fulfills my special needs

An epiphany in thought brings joy to the nerve of my being

An enlightened phrase worthy of immortality

An eloquent tongue pleasures all ears

Art for a song, a video or the library


When I paint my face, it is none other than she with a love for self-expression and creativity

Makeup does not create fictious false image

But is a beautiful canvas that I have the pleasure to work with

It is color, it is value, it is shape, it is form

Anything you create is Not of the Norm

Salone Girl, Fine Titi, Headwrap showing the culture of me

Dress to Impress yourself

You know what you can do

African Golden Queen,YOU be so in love with YOU

However you dress can be as it may

It is the garment you chose for the day

You are beyond radiant, no one can take that away


It inspires my heart that Monae, Bailey Rae and Varner make music that is Art

Miss Keys, Miss Scott and Miss Ambrosius, the words that you sing make me feel so golden

Badu, Hill and Arie are ladies whose music can truly influence she

Such courage is a rarity

Bold women sharing well-informed beliefs

Music that reflects positive ideologies

Soul, Realness and Love

they have all of the above

Is it not refreshing to see a woman in a suit and tie; still beautiful as ever!

Natural girls with fluffy curls and melodic soothing voices

With songs that show their sultry side and some ambitious choices

I listen to my Sistah Soul Songs for a lifting up

I listen to my Sistah Soul Songs to learn, to live and love

I listen to my Sistah Soul Songs while I do my twist out

I listen to my Sistah Soul Songs to dance and sing and twist and shout

If not to enlighten

If not to uplift

If not to enrich

If not to empower

Then music ain't doing shit

Excuse my reference to defecation but



I have a great appreciation for the beauty in all of which is creation

I'll take a long walk simply just to visualize variations

Nature is a testimony just in its own existence

The beauty seems unreal yet it is true non-fiction

A rainbow sighting is much more than an arch leading to treasure

but a fascinating slide to your imagination without measure

Every flower, every snowflake, every animal on the planet

Is made as an individual on a unique tangent

When I seep into my reverie

and think of all possibilities

I realize my

Joy is everlasting

Happiness is only temporary


In all thought, In all speech, In all dress

What you think, What you feel, What you know that is real

Let it give you peace that is eternal; not ephemeral

Let it give you wisdom full of purpose; not pretension-full

Let it give you understanding so unconditional; not pre-screened by something unalterable

I am proud of me

My physically curved identity

My thick curls coming out of my follicles

My roots connected to Africa

My speech articulate and adaptable

My art authenic and it's variety

My taste ecletic open to learning

My ambition driven to the power of working

My intellect curious about many things

My overall goal is excellence

My joy is present because I know I am blessed

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