Art Is My Dream Job

Time seem to flying by,

I look at the blank paper, 

Colors of the sky fills my mind,

Here I sit as an illustrator,


I see beyond the simple layers, 

Inspirations springs from Earth's creation,

Beauties lies within the mind,

Using the imagination to draw,


It takes me beyond the Earth,

And I become someone stronger,

There are no fears secretly hiding,

For I am but all exposed,


The line flows with my hand,

Thick and thin become one, 

Shapes form unknowingly,

It has no restrictions and no structures,


People may argue what art is,

Does it have rules? And expectations?

I don't know the correct answer,

Except that art is the mind's fabrication,


There are things that block my path,

Money and money is all people want from me,

Has anyone ever wonder what's more valued?

It's the knowledge that allows new thinking,


I may not have much to offer,

But collections of great innovations,

I'm a person who does not have the support,

Yet my motivation is like a budding seed, 


They say art is just a hobby,

But it holds importantance just as others, 

I believe it can change society,

To illuminate all kinds of problems,


There is no perfection to achieve,

But to enjoy my artisitc passion,

To create stories within one paper,

It is as powerful as anything. 












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