The art of happiness

When my mind aches of pain and despair life seems so unfair and fails to let me breathe happilly. However that is not my fate my existence is gold when I sit down and meditate. I dwell on all my reflections and reach my peace of mind that is what demolishes my pain and creates happiness. It creates happiness inside, and outside on my face let's embrace the maze of life and intake all the positive aspects of our existence. Simply any given event can be made into a righteous and great one when I meditate. I hope you grow and see life as a blessing, everyday can be a struggle but focus on how you can change and control it. Never give up and never give in, search for your inner and greater way of life. It is pointless to let you become your own worst enemy. Defining my happiness has never seemed so clear when I am close to the rear of adulthood. I don't fear, my life will always search for good.

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