The Art of Friendship


United States
41° 55' 9.9156" N, 88° 8' 2.4684" W

Pick a color of string
Sure, violet works
Now another
Green sounds nice
And another
Measure the string by using your arm span
It works every time
Now fold the stings in half
And tie a knot at the fold
Use something to hold the string
Pinning it to your knee with a safety pin
Or maybe clipping it to a clipboard
Separate the strings to the pattern you’d like
Now you can start
Take the first string on the left
Make a four with the next string
And pull
Repeat and move to the next string
Repeat a thousand times over
Moving from color to color
String to string
Weaving together a piece of art
Tie up the loose ends
And tie the art to your friend’s hand


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