Art Is Dead

I Am
The river of thought that flows through the imagination of those who connect with paper and pen

As I slowly pick up my brush and swipe lines with a touch
My fingers dance across the rigid structure and blend the lines to form something new

Music fills my mind as I form a crease on the side of the skin that I've practiced on at least a thousand times

They say my work isn't art but yet
what is something that you pour your life into you perfect it to make beauty too
Art nowadays can be accomplished by painting a canvas black, but that's not art; art comes from the heart

When I was growing up, I dreamed I would be an artist, but I'm far from it
That's what they said
they all said
I'll never amount to anything without
Pencil and paper

My canvas is from God above
that's more art than we could ever dream of
My medium is paint but not the paint that comes to your mind
Mine is the kind that makes a face devine

So yes I am an artist
Don't put me on your con list
I am an artist
A makeup artist
I put emotion in my work
I'm just like you
But you don't see that
Do you

Many colors run through my veins
When I paint a picture on a person's face
I am an artist, you can never take that from me

I create beauty and smiles that appear on the faces of those I make creations on
I am an artist and forever I'll be
Creativity will always flow through me

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