The "art of Cutting"

some use it for pleasure, some use it to ease eveything away. 
they grab the blade thinking its going to make a big difference easing away the pain. leaving tears and scars behind. 
still using long sleeve t-shirts to hide the evidence 
grab that blade and leave them all little ruby red drops as you're tinking :" don;t worry there's more !" 
they seem to pursuade others to join their habbits. life was hard but these scars are memories when there were "good old days " 
well one day that person got the same blade their hands once had touched as well and called it "Glory" and cut until they hit that vin and bled all them rubies out. 
they found her but she was already gone and off to that life she wanted ... 
and to others ; 
"That's the art of cutting"


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