Art and Soul

You think that art is simple

That it's just pictures on the wall

But you’ve failed to understand

Just how it exists in us all.

It resides like unseen colors

In the depths of our souls

It’s there when we speak

In tongues of silver and gold.

It is the images within the stories

That lay like shadows behind us all

It ebbs and fades like a tide of colors

With our every rise and fall.

It is the blue in our sorrows

The crystalline in tears unseen

It’s the red in our passions

In who we are; who we want to be.

So you can’t say art is straightforward

When our minds are paintings of their own

You can’t say art is worthless

When it makes up the essence of our souls.

You can’t say art is nothing

When we all strive to be of worth

When we live our lives trying not to survive

So we can pass on without remorse.


You think art is simple

Forgive me if I think you wrong

For when I stare into all the dyes and colors

I see a place where I belong.

This poem is about: 
Our world




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