Art and Science

Calliope took out her tablet 

And wrote the most poignant prose I had ever seen.  

Erato wrote poetry,

And Polyhymnia hymns behind the screen.  


Melpomene wrote tragedies, 

But could still make you laugh with her dark-humored memes.  

Thalia plucked a feather from her dress 

And tickled the funny bone through more innocent means.  


Euterpe played our hearts like strings 

And Terpsichore danced along.  

Never had I heard such inspiring vibrations 

As through the Muse’s ancient song.  


The history of art itself 

Writ upon Clio’s scroll 

And the science owned by the very stars 

Which Urania’s eyes behold 


Make their way into our minds - 

As generations have told - 

Through muse, though Muses lasting in thought 

Have passed so long ago.  

This poem is about: 
Our world


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