In Arrogance

Praise be to Allah, for I fear nothing but Him and arrogance

And what marvels are we, being proud of His own creation

For it lies with us, and follows us as we go

It lingers in our bones, yet is not fully known 


Now arrogance itself started with he

The one who refused to prostrate and do so with ease

For how can fire bow down to clay?

Thus began the road that would lead others astray


With these seeds of arrogance, we shall not pass

The remnants of our innocence broken like glass

Our Prophet once said, bestow arrogance and you shall not enter

For an atom’s weight shall bring up your tormentor


We may look to others to compare and contrast

And realize abruptly that we have become the typecast 

But remember once more, this Dunya is short

And in the end, it will give us no support


This world is a test, lest we not forget

Without the obstacles, there would be no mindset

Know the struggle upon us is just for show

That we will make it to Paradise, and not go below





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