An Army of Lost Souls

Sometimes I feel a sharp pain

Somewhere in my chest, the doctors

Told me it was nothing, nothing

Comes from nothing, I fear

Everything when I am alone

The shapes look sinister, weaving

In and out of my sleeping mind


I crush my tears to nothing, they dare

To make me feel something I cast

Out a long time ago. I’ve done

Nothing with the time God gave me

Staying in the peripherals of society

Alone, always alone, I have learned to hate

The spiteful voices in my mind, they say

I am nothing, nor will I ever be


Pain, there will always be pain in my chest

For that is where the heart is, though I may

Seem heartless; it is a façade I carry

Like a broken suitcase, it is useless to hope.

Oh how the mighty have fallen!

To the depths of darkness, it is tragic

To see them go. I am among many

Who have slipped in and fell

Becoming lost forever


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