Fri, 08/09/2013 - 16:38 -- lakeahc

I am nothing if I’m not loved,

loved by the one that sees beneath

me and pays me no mind at all.


But I am your backbone, confidant

and biggest motivator; even when I

am overseen by you. What a waste.


Sitting and hoping that one day you will

notice me again, if you had your biggest

support on your side through everything.


Rejection after rejection, broken hearted

again and again, made me realize he had no

care in the world about me nor paid me any mind,


until he pressed charges against me and filed a

restraining order. At that moment,

I knew he was completely over me, moving


on with his life. My heart had fallen into the pit

of my stomach slowly burning away. The milk 

chocolate that wrapped around me from my


head to my toes became a harden armor.

Protecting my mind, body, and soul from

anyone that THOUGHT they could control


me again. For any dude that thought it was

cool to play with my heart and think they can

get away with it. Not again will my heart and soul


be toyed with and stomped on when pleased. My

armor contains my deepest thoughts and feelings. It is my

shield; that will be broken by the fairest, left as a statue. 



I would like to thank the power poetry slam for allowing me to participate and allowed this and allowed this opportunity! This means more than what words can explain! Once again thank you so very much!

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