Arizona and Skittles

So apparently being a “black young man” means that I am up to no good

And I should be watched when I roll up into your neighborhood

Being a “black young man” means I’m going sell drugs

Because that’s what a “black young man” does


And the system say’s being a “black young man” is enough of a reason for Trayvon Martin to get shot

When he was caught in Zimmerman’s block


But it’s not just being black

You can be in any minority group

But in the wonderful red, WHITE, and blue

They’ll never care about you

And I’m not saying the white man’s the devil

But we all know that if Trayvon Martin was a little white boy

And Zimmerman was an old black man

His ass would never see the light of day


But wanna know what I told my dad after the verdict?

I said that “I’m glad that Zimmerman is free”

And that everyone’s upset

Because now our eyes are open

To the corruption in our system

No more impaired vision

Now that we know it

Now we can change it

So no one else has to go through the same shit

Now we have a reason protest it!


But wait!

Don’t go and grab your pitch forks and torches

I know I’m about to sound like a hippie

But peaceful protest

Is your best bet

Because want to know what people get when acting like a Neanderthal

Nothing at all

We will just fuel the idea that we’re all savage second class citizens

And if that happens the big guys won’t listen


And yes I know

Being peaceful is like taking the long way to our destination

But MLK did it

And am pretty sure he did a lot more than the violent angry black man

If I’m not mistaken


So enjoy some skittles as we wait

And pour out nice cold can of Arizona

Not just for Trayvon

But for everyone who has died because of a man with a gun in his hand

And ignorance in his head



The Darcy Perspective

I don't understand the "what was your favorite part of this poem" thing because I feel obliged to pick a single line. And I loved all of it. So there.

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