Arizona dry winds

Blow open

Dusty trapdoors in my head,

As I sit

On a sun-baked rock -

Lizard's home.

Red-yellow-gold vaulted skies

Make silhouettes

Of the curved-spiny cacti

While shadows on the hills

Play out ancient dramas

For me.

As I watch:

The earth trembles -

Mountains form

Rocks split

Primal forces

Beat and abuse the land

Dinosaur's footsteps

Resonate through the ground

But this desert

Defeats them -

Tumbleweeds get caught

In weathered bones

Sticking up from the dust;

Monuments of past greatness.

I blink.

Dusk has arrived

And with it a shadow of coolness.

I smile.

For I am a part of this desert too

Just like the


Searing heat

Unique wildlife

Springtime wildflowers

Archaic ruins

Prehistoric memories

And parched-dry winds

Are a part of me.





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