Ares the Arrogant Bully

Ares, the arrogant and prolific bully here at school

With a fear-inducing swagger, he roams the hallways looking for a fool

After finding his victim, he will smash him against the locker and with a wicked grin

His eyes full of gleeful wrath, he will beat the poor sap until the hall looks like a bloodbath

Then once again Ares will patrol the halls, in search of more students to maul

Even the teachers don't try to stop him, since in doing so is like facing an army that is one man strong

So Ares prowls the school triumphantly, knowing that his fowl nature is unbeatable

All of the galls love his rugged behavior, his misbehavior somehow enticing

While the guys can only look at him in disgust, Ares winning over their girlfriends lust

Yes, this student is truly malicious, but you have to admire his vicious virtues

For you'll only ever meet someone like Ares once, and chances are, he'll humph

And punch until you're nose goes crunch

Such is the way of Ares, the arrogant and prolific bully here at school



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