Are You My Mom?


United States

Dear Helen,


I used to wonder why you left;

Why I was never enough

I would cry myself to sleep

Thinking of your hollow smiles,


haunted eyes,


bruised arms,


and broken promises.


Your children, all four, were not a priority.

You were "sick" they said,

Yet every time someone offered to help

You slipped right back into old habits,






And repudiating.


I came from your very womb,

Blossomed from a seed to a flower,

Yet I have never been your child

I was always too much,


Too demanding,


Too young,


And too needy.


The last time I saw you,

You were high as a kite

You acted like a child;

You never grew up, it seems


And I did.


Love, your princess


This poem is about: 
My family


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