Are You happy Miss Nikki?


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Are You Happy Miss Nikki?
By: Marqueisha Nicole Richmond
Are you happy today Miss Nikki?
The weather is so nice
We can go have a picnic
And share some pecan pie

Are you sad today miss Nikki?
The weather is so gloomy
It rains and storms all day
And you don’t say much to me

Are you angry today Miss Nikki
The thunder is getting louder
A tree fell on the line poll
And it knocked out all our power

Are you lonely today Miss Nikki?
There’s not one cloud in the sky
The sun isn’t shining
And the plants look very dry

Are you confused today Miss Nikki
It rain for a while then it stopped
Then the sun came up after
And that doesn’t happen a lot

Are you sick today Miss Nikki
They said you would bring snow
We even cancelled school for you
But the snow never showed

You are moody Miss Nikki
Some call you the weather maker
My momma laughs when I call you Miss Nikki
And I laugh when she calls you Mother Nature.

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