are i safe ?

As the sun greets her face every morning, she say a prayer. A prayer ensuring her that she'll make it safely. This prayer is the only thing keeping her alive. What is anyone else doing ? Men's eyes lights up, as they see the pretty light skinned girl, with glasses, make her daily commute. Their eyes play a plethora of scenarios, scenarios that she wakes up in the middle of the night, in cold sweat, praying don't come true. These prayers have kept her safe this long, who else is doing something? School bombards her with a never ceasing amount of pressure. Boys whispering sweet promises, the same promises that got her here today. Are i safe ? Who else is praying? She seeks the safety in a better education, an education that ensures that safety. Better days are coming, she keeps these words permeated in her brain. The obstacles will not wend her, these obstacles draw an inspiration to one day feel safe.

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