Arctic Tundra

Thu, 04/14/2016 - 23:34 -- AylaG

I live on what

Some people may call

An arctic wasteland I’ve seen people leave

And say they hate this place

But after six years I still love it here.

I’ve learned how to hunt with

The polar bears for seals

To huddle with the penguins

Laugh at the foxes pouncing

At the mice under the frozen ground

You see I’ve been visiting here

For six years sometimes I stay

For months other times I

Don't come back till months later

Sometimes the ice moves towards me

That’s when I know it starts to melt

When icebergs start falling I have to make sure they don’t melt entirely

Sometimes all I can do is watch

Sometimes the ice digs into my hands

And they bleed

Sometimes I get frostbite

But never show it to anyone.

You see this arctic tundra

Is my best friend

That always knows how

To make me laugh

Teaches me that I’m not the only one

Falling apart at the seams

Always makes my demons

Retreat with their tails

Underneath their legs I’m realizing now that

My teeth have stopped chattering

And the goosebumps on my arms

Are gone now.

I don't know when I started to feel safe here

This is where I feel like I can tell the truth

The wind always answers

My questions here

I don't want to leave

I don't want this to go away

I wouldn't know where to go

What I'm saying is I would

Be lost without you

I need my best friend so

Please do not melt away.


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