We slaughter time with gentle conversation

and try to get a close up
on the whole, big universe,
So we fake our ignorance of fate and worldliness
and act the archetypes
to make it simple
to justify
to love.
But Lover,
Breath, For in those times when the lights are dim
and the sheets protect us
from those archetypes
we unleash our souls and they touch every third beat
and we have something far more magical
something whimsical and wild.
Touch Me.
while we bask in each other’s company
For I have suffered silently
just the night before.
Pull the skin from my body
and take me naked
take me bleeding
For you intoxicate me with morning tea
and loose lip rapid breathing
make me
hear you
and make me listen when you need.
Let me hear the melody
leap from your throat
let me taste it on your lips when you're done.
And let me taste those lips rather
finished or not.
Let me feel that soul
even when our chests aren’t heaving.
Wipe the weather from my cheek
kill the years with new



This poem is about: 
Our world


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