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I’m circling the drain
Throughout the liquid that I came from
When I face nothing but boredom
I seek to make it rain
Big, fat drops sinking in the ocean
Don’t know why there’s so much commotion
To me, it’s all so plain
I don’t drown or float, I maintain
Nothing more than my inward motion
To disregard all of their notions
They all think that I’m insane
To them I know no emotion
For they’re all buried in self-devotion
Poor things, they’re blind to my pain
I flirt with the outskirts of implosion
Around them, I limit my locomotion
For, in my head, I’m lost along the Seine
They will never see, but to me it’s all the same
In the rain, river or ocean
I indulge in self-devotion
Water is me, I am not vain.


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