the Appreciation

The Appreciation

By Tam Nguyen


Giving mom a bouquet of beautiful roses,

As red as the blood that you've given to me,

For many years that had striven and languished,

Raising me just for the benefit of succeed.


Thank you mom for an immense love

When I'm a fool in exile that drifted away,

Stretching your sheltered arm all the way,

And embracing with absolute love.


Thank you mom for a bunch of forgiveness,

For superficial silly I have made so many times,

For the golden heart that opened with no wonder,

And for the protection when I'm in danger.


Dear my beloved mommy,

Do you know it or not?

The saddest day when I feel scared

Is when I lose you forever in life.


You are my brightest star,

For me to learn and follow your path.

You are my full moon,

Leading me when I'm stuck or crestfallen.

You are my little angel,

Bring how many great things for me to succeed.


If your life somehow no longer exist,

How sad this world is going to be.

Everywhere will be silent ruins.

The long-winded black color will be really painful

Like a little bird that is stray

With neither mother nor father between the vast sea.


And whether that day has come true or not,

If I don't have either mom or dad,

Wealthy will be just nothingness

Because only mom and just mom in this world alone!


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