When we come face to face with the end,

what message do you want to send?

Do you want to be remembered for fame,

and how you learned to win the game?

Or what you love and truly believe,

because honestly there is no need to deceive.

Take a look around, what do you see,

are there poeple around or is there nobody?

Make a change, don't stand around,

make someones day, take away their frown.

Sometimes we just need a hug,

someone to prove there really is love.

Take a moment to appreciate,

don't just sit there, activate.

Learn to participate, 

let's show them what we're made of, culminate.

We are made for more,

so stand up and get off the floor.

Someone loves you,

this is something that won't undo.

Realize what you possess,

and then maybe you will release some of that stress.

We truly are all united,

so let us all get excited.

We are one nation, 

there shall be no deviation.

Appreciate everything that surrounds you,

because there is no one doubting you.

You are blessed beyond belief,

so take a second, forget the grief.

We all enter the world alone, 

but I promise you, you are never unknown.

Take a look at yourself, 

because they are looking at you.

We stand together, all as one,

every person, and everyone.

Admire what you see each day,

because some day you will breakaway.

I want to change how we see the world,

because there is so much to be unfurled.

Take a moment to appreciate,

because some day you will reach your last date.





This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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