The Apple and the Serpant



I have been given the power to change. 

To change anything I want.

The word itself summons up clever ideas, yet it is simply harder to choose only one thing to change.

Now, this might sound strange... Maybe even deranged.

Some believe Darwin while others believe a God inspired book. 

Read here, let's review, let's have a look.

Adam and Eve, forever notorious in our history

Oh, and that old Serpant of trickery 

Twisting God's words to make Him out to be evil

While all along the deceiving creature treated our God as a rival

He pretended to be an angelic like being

He tempted Eve who then gave to her man the forbidden fruit

It was forbidden, but eaten and now death was in their future

We all die but before that incident death wasn't in man's nature

they hid their bodies from God and hid in shame

but before shameless and blameless they now entered themselves into the devil's game


I would alter our past and #hate #racism #seperation #murder #stealing #rape #hunger #deprivation and

anything dehumanizing or hurtful would vanish.

I would shove some vegetables in Eve's mouth throwing the forbidden fruit to the ground 

I'd whisper "Eve shhhhh, don't make a sound"

Reminding Eve that God is almighty and listening to a Serpant would be the worst mistake in man kind's existance

I may not be alive in the future for changing the past but I was given the power to change... What more could I ask.

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