The Apple

Sun, 01/26/2014 - 20:44 -- Wick

Why did the apple fall off of the tree?

Who made it come to be?

Was it the politicians in D.C.?

Or the goddess Aphrodite?

Maybe it was Shel Silverstein,

or the rapper Jay-Z.

Or Aristotle, or Sophicles.

You can rest assured it wasn't me.

Was it you?

Was it that kid, Joseph, who you despise through and through?

Was it anybody on this Earth, from anytime at all?

A dinosaur maybe? A crab, or a gull?

Surely I tell you, as a wise honest man,

If they say it was them, their name should be banned.

The answer is no, nobody did it.

It just came to be, like the trees and logistics.

So why is it that humans walk around

Without a care in the world, without looking down.

I just can't understand how this came to be.

This or the fact that they can judge me.

So keep your mouth shut, until you can see

Who it is who made the apple fall off the tree.



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