They say there was a bang

And Earth appeared

In a black blanket

Of billowing stars,

Shimmering gas.


Then we did,

Erect in a crooked world,

Painting love on the walls,

Carving survival in stone.

Prometheus came

With his hands cupping stolen fire.

It kept us warm,

But we already had our own,

Dancing, glowing flames that burned

Our insides with passion




We were imperfect

And yet we weren't.

For who else on this earth

Makes poetry from stardust,

Creates stories spun from the web

Of a person's dreams?


And so we are perfect

Because we dream.

You see, we are - I am - flawless.

Flawless in desire, flawless in survival.

Flawless like the titan who stole

The embers of the gods.

Flawless like the bard who wrote

The stars into his sonnets.


Flawless like the man who made

The Earth,

Crooked as it is,

Flawless enough 

For me.





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