An apostate

Sat, 12/09/2017 - 23:39 -- NeetTM

Isn't strange.

Isn't it weird.

To know someone so well but find their favorites feel like a rubix cube.

Their favorite color a mystery

Their favorite food a riddle

Yet between me and you. I can pick up something as simple as the colors you wear and the food you choose easy to remember. I even know your birthday.

Your personality I cannot place.

Are you amusing

Are you amiable

Are you mundane

Are you narcissistic

Why can I not place your personality no matter how I try, tis like trying to grab clouds from the sky.

I have pushed myself to find out what you liked and your favorites and so much about you. Whether it be where you live or where you spend your days. 

Although I distract myself with you, looking so far into your life, I cannot find deep in your soul.

For I am looking in anothers.

Their window is open.

But that could be just to me.

For they just click.

As I leave you for them never once do I consider how my selfishness is affecting you.

Dropping you from my life. 

Ditching you in an instance.

Your lfie in shreads.


Someone so ardent

becoming an apostate.

All for someone else.

but why

if you don't click

if I can't see into your soul

do you feel

ready to die.

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Our world


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