Apology Unaccepted.


Apology Unaccepted.

How dumb do you think I am?

I realized you were leading me on,

And that I fell into your scam.


Bet you weren’t expecting to get caught.

Bet you thought I was blinded by your love.

Well now I’m here to prove you wrong,

And give your “precious” heart a shove.


You trip over your words,

As more excuses spill out of your mouth.

You’re probably wondering what you did wrong,

Or what made your plan go south?


I thought you were my friend,

I though we were past secrets and lies.

But you stay silent as I lift my head,

And see the cold truth radiating from your eyes.


How could I have been so stupid?

What did I ever see in you?

Have you done this all before,

And hurt any other people, too?


Your jaw drops open in shock,

And you ask me how I knew.

Showing me how surprised you are,

That I actually outsmarted you.


I don’t bother giving an answer,

I just turn and leave you confused.

But I can’t help but miss the way we were,

Before I found out I was being used.


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