Apology To My Mom

Dear Mom,

I refer to myself as a miracle child
My mere existence wasn't mild
My moms pain was severe I almost ended her life
I'm sorry mom I caused you such strife

Her blood pressure was high she didn't look so good
If I wasn't so helpless I would've helped if I could
Birth is a risky process I know
It's not a game or done for show

I love you for even wanting me
I love you so much mommy
Without you there literally is no me
Without you I would never have experienced life for what it could be

You've taught me well and I've learned from the best
I've studied your exams and passed your test
You're a wise woman and truly blessed
You've shown me your hard work enabled your success

I promise to do my best in all that I do
To glorify God and always stay true
I won't let you down I will achieve my goal
It's the least I can do after my birth cause you pain and toil

Your Loving Daughter,

This poem is about: 
My family


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